Comic Week1

Fridays are now going to be devoted to my terrible attempts at journal comics. As I’ve never been much of an artist in my life, I’ve always kind of put that as a roadblock towards getting my own comic done; I’d need to hire an artist, or I wouldn’t be confident that an artist would be able to get my vision across. While this isn’t me throwing down the shackles of my own ego and saying “I’ll do it MY way,” I figure I’d at least get a little more perspective in things like panel layouts, logical storytelling, and all the other small things.

So, here’s what I learned from this:

  • Use a consistent brush size, dammit!
  • Use a consistent tool, dammit!
  • Draw shelves consistently, dammit!
  • There’s no logical story because I threw this together today. Comics take prep work. They need to make sense.
  • I actually had a lot of fun drawing Link, and being able to say “No, you know what? I’m gonna give it a floor, too” was a bit empowering.
  • Drawing books on shelves feels so much more fun than just making jail bars with a link tool.
  • Perspective is hard.
  • Photo references are awesome.
  • Trying new things gives me confidence.

Have a good weekend, everyone!