Alvar “Araneae” Aleñar is the jungler for the Team ALTERNATE, and former jungler for SK Gaming during Season 2. After not making it into the first half of the League Championship Series, his team has proceeded to dominate after biding their time and defeating Ozone GIANTS 3-2 in Summer Promotion. In this interview, he talks about the current state of EU teams, learning from Asian players, his team’s recent player problems and looking towards World Championships.

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1:20 – What’s the ride like between getting promoted and where you are now?
3:00 – Teams that weren’t in the first half of the LCS are now topping the standings. Why is that?
4:28 – Paying attention to Korea and China, and learning from their strategies
7:16 – ALTERNATE’s troubles against Gambit, and how the team handles blame
8:55 – Losing Creaton to a hand break, what’s the update for the roster?
10:08 – How do you deal with the long-term nature of the substitute?
11:04 – What happens at the end of the season, if Creaton can come back? Does that mess up the synergy more?
11:58 – As someone who was at World Championships last year, how does it feel to see your old team at the bottom of the standings?
12:41 – Cloud 9, ALTERNATE, Evil Genuises and adapting to stay relevant.
14:32 – Do volatile standings contribute to a better environment?
15:52 – Is it harder, now, playing and trying to build your fanbase?