This is the first video in a new series I’m going to be doing from now on; I’ve always wanted to talk person-to-person with a lot of the personalities, players and figures in the League of Legends community, and I figure the best way to do that is to just jump in.

Christopher “Panky” Pankhurst is a frequent guest on “Whose League is it Anyway?” and freelance commentator. He currently is working for gaming channel MachinimaVS to consult on their League of Legends ventures, and joined me to talk about commentating, getting involved with the community and the current state of the game. By clicking the “read more” link you can find timestamps for the different sections we talked about.

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Timestamps (click on the numbers to jump)

00:50 – Introductions and “getting into eSports” story
2:00 – First casting experience and World of Warcraft
4:30 – Helping with the /r/StarCraft community, volunteering in eSports
5:50 – Moving on to League of Legends, mixing with StarCraft
8:09 – Starting from the bottom in eSports, volunteering, the “career path”
11:00 – Acting like you’re a professional, even if you aren’t
12:30 – Was there a specific feeling that drew you to casting?
13:52 – LCS vs. conventional sports, and the fandom on competitive League of Legends
15:35 – Watching every single LCS match, and the divide between top 4 and bottom 4 teams
17:00 – The difference between the hype of LCS and the hype of a tournament
17:42 – Are we in League’s “Golden Age” right now?
19:58 – LCS and the amateur scene; casters and competitors
21:25 – Season Three being a “trial run”, and the small changes in the LCS from week to week
24:00 – Casting tournaments pre-LCS, and casting Campus Party in a hangar
26:25 – Venues in League of Legends, and the “creep” of crowds
27:35 – What do you bring to casting table?
30:43 – Casting with a color commentator and a pro player
32:24 – Playing as a substitute in a tournament, at least for fun.
24:52 – Deman’s “So you want to cast” video, and adding to it
37:10 – Dealing with casters from other games who might come into League due to its popularity
40:41 – Bringing up some old AMA questions