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But without further ado…

Day 1: Europe

Roccat vs Fnatic: The Turnaround

This teamfight was almost one full minute long, and showed a really bright spot in an amazing game; I’m a really big fan of when the balance of power sways back and forth, and Fnatic and Roccat put on a hell of a show for us.

When I break it down, not a lot really happened in technical skill, but it was more about the choices made by each team. Both teams used their Flashes earlier to escape and chase, rather than save them for when engagements broke out. Fnatic also used valuable crowd control during the pursuit, leaving them a bit more vulnerable when the proper fight broke out.

Gambit vs Alliance: Kha’Zix Scratches an Ich

It’s a pretty known fact that Alex Ich is a particularly strong Kha’Zix; I mean, they put it in a cartoon. This looks like a pretty simple kill, but it gets a bit more interesting when Froggen’s Flash allows Alex to do even more damage and a slow because of the Isolation bonus.

Supa Hot Crew vs SK Gaming

I’m a big fan of this turnaround because it gives us the first of two instances where SHC’s MrRalleZ uses Flash in order to secure the last, crucial auto-attack. Sometimes you need to go big or go home.

Day 2

SHC vs CW: RalleZ Goes Deep

Again, MrRalleZ wasn’t afraid to use Flash in order to get in range for a final auto-attack. This was a nice, clean First Blood, helped by a Morgana who knows how to hit a point-blank Dark Binding.

Gambit Gaming vs Fnatic: A Key Pick, Then a Turnaround

I liked this breakdown because I got to highlight both teams’ play; Fnatic start off with a great engage and kill, but a number of errors let Gambit sweep back in order to grab some kills in return. There’s a lot of small things (mainly the order in which Flashes are used) that prevent Fnatic from escaping late, and this is probably the first time I haven’t been totally bored by a Zed play (mostly because it was in a team fight scenario).

Good stuff from both teams.

SK Gaming vs Alliance: Wait for it…

Sometimes, even the best of efforts can be dashed by a well-timed snipe. Candy Panda, your hot streak has been noticed; let’s keep it going.

SK Gaming vs Roccat: The Power of Vayne

I’ve been a fan of the tear that Roccat have been on lately, but a resurgent SK means a stronger LCS scene as a whole. I really likes this prolonged team fight because it had its fair share of smart moments; the final chain of skills to slow Jinx down (and the skills that kept her and Thresh alive for so long) represented some great thinking under pressure by both teams. I’m looking forward to seeing more from both, and hope that this loss lights a fire under Roccat to improve.

Day 3: North America

Counter Logic Gaming vs Curse: Chauster’s Revenge

I will not lie: I was skeptical about Chauster coming back to play for CLG. It’s amazing how quickly that goes away once you successfully escape a 1v5, and manage to get DoubleLift a triple kill. We can tell he’s extremely comfortable on Yasuo; I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a little boost in his stream numbers after this play.

Cloud 9 vs Coast: Not Without A Fight

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of really good Leona initiates; LemonNation’s Solar Flare hit three, and he followed up by locking down Coast’s main source of damage in Caitlyn. While Coast’s “spin to win” composition with Wukong and Katarina put some big chunks of hurt on Cloud 9, the main damage dealers avoided most of it.

It’s still cool to see Shiphtur get some kills before dying, though.

Day 4

Evil Geniuses vs Curse Gaming: A Slim Escape

I originally had this fight labelled “Innox”, but while looking at the whole thing, it’s clear that both the rest of EG and Curse should get some credit for this fight. The awkward placing of this engagement initially worked in Curse’s favour, but Quas using Wall of Pain early kept EG from losing a good chunk of their defences; Pobelter’s Flash + Body Slam also earns a bunch of style points.

Ultimately, two things won this fight: the Explosive Cask chunking Curse down, and Snoopeh and Yellowpete not standing in the Defile damage.

Team Solo Mid vs Cloud 9: Stunning Succession

I’ve actually been really happy to see a more confident Solo Mid playing with Bjersen at the helm. Each member fo the team is solid in their own right, but there just seems to be a renewed sense of confidence that’s powering them through sickness.

Let’s hope to see some teams rise to the occasion, now that TSM has clinched first place.

XDG Gaming vs Counter Logic Gaming: Boxed Out

I know this isn’t exactly the flashiest play, but it’s amazing that one walk-up Box was all it took to keep four members of CLG from flanking on XDG; I can imagine this fight would be a lot different if that were allowed to occur.

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